18 dec. 2014

Hello world, this is Sweden 2014. Fascism is again on the march!

A little enlightenment to our international readers.

In our beautiful and peaceful country Sweden, we now have a political party that is not like any other party.

They are fascists. And they call themselves the Sweden Democrats, even though they are so far from a normal democratic party as one can be.

For they are the historical echo of boot trampling Nazis from Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

And one of this party's representatives that truly personify this time vile ideology by far is Björn Söder. Unfortunately, right now, the Swedish Parliament Second Deputy Speaker.

With statements like: "Homosexuality is a perversion comparable to pedophilia and bestiality", and
That Jews and Sami who live in Sweden are not Swedes, he has completely on its own shown up this party's real face. The ugly face of xenophobia, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, islamophobia and anti-Ziganism.

Sweden is no longer so beautiful and peaceful as you might think. For as long as the forces of darkness may continue to wreak havoc in this country, chances are that they totally will destroy our country. This happened in Germany under Adolf Hitler. And it happened in Italy under Benito Mussolini.

Don't let this happen in Sweden too!

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The editor.